Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with my plan?

You will get virtual business card. All images, vcards and supporting files hosted by us. You will also get 20+ professionally developed and tested HTML signature for email. You will also get Dynamic and customization qr-codes of your virtual business card.

How to generate HTML signature?

Once you create your virtual business card, HTML signature generated automatically and you can choose signature from our various beautiful templates.

What is is a digital product that enables you to have your own virtual business card in few minutes. You can also have a QRcode of your vcard which can be used in various ways for marketing. You also get an email signature which can be embedded in your Gmail easily.

What is a Virtual Business Card?

A Virtual Business Card allows you to share your personal/professional information with all your information. Also getting saved in a viewers contacts list is just a click away.

Can I change my information on business card?

Yes. The beauty of this product is that you can change your information whenever you want. You just need to login and edit it.

Will my QRcode change if I change the information in my card?

No. The QRcode will remain the same even if you change your information. So, relax go ahead to print your QRcode on your business card, hoardings, pamphlets, etc.

Can I showcase my social handles in my business card?

Yes. You can associate your social handles just by pasting your social handle link in our social section.

Can I customize my virtual business card?

Yes. You can change the look and feel of your business card anytime. Please login and visit style section. Here you can change text color, fonts , icon styles, etc.

I don't want anybody to save my details. What should I do?

Its simple. Login to and visit buttons section of your card. Uncheck the option of “Allow to save your details” and update. Now nobody can save your vCard details.

Can I use HTML Email Signature in my Gmail?

Yes absolutely. Visit our HTML Email Signature section

Click on ‘Choose templates’

Select a template you like and click on ‘Add to Gmail’

Give permission to access your gmail and that's it

Refresh your Gmail Now whenever you compose a mail you can see your email signature already attached at the bottom.

Can I get invoice for subscription?

A copy of invoice is already mailed you on your registered email address. You can also download your invoice whenever you want from our ‘Account Settings’ section.

How can I change the password on

Login into your account

Click on the right cornered icon of your screen

Click on ‘Change Password’.

What is the pricing for

Currently, there are 3 plans available.

For Freelancers - It starts from 1.99€ per month (2 cards)

For Startups - It starts from 3.99€ per month (up to 4 cards)

For Business - It starts from 4.99€ per month (up to 10 cards)

For Enterprise - Please contact us on

You can avail discounts on yearly subscriptions. For more details, visit

For any queries, write us on or visit